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Bayon Temple

Marvel At The Sights Of The Bayon Temple

One of Southeast Asia’s most popular tourist destinations is Siem Reap’s Angkor Wat, an ancient city built around the 12th and 13th century in the heart of what’s known today as Cambodia. Swallowed by the lush jungles of Asia, its ruins stand as nothing but a reminder of the once mighty and prosperous civilization that had built it.

The Bayon Faces

Several notable temples make-up the city, and the most popular of them all is Angkor Wat, being the largest among the sprawl of buildings. Many tourists, however, found themselves enraptured by the unique charm of Bayon temple. Its walls are carved with exactly 216 gigantic faces carrying an infectiously serene smile. You can only admire the beauty of its artistry, and awe at the thought at what it might have looked before falling into slow decay.

What would add to the beauty of the Bayon temple is the soft, warm light of sunrise and sunset. The shadows cast by the smooth curves of its details breathe life onto the carvings. And when captured during these times of day, the peace these faces seemed to have found would be most evident.

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