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The Great Temple (Jordan)

The Great Temple

The “Great” Temple Complex represents one of the major archaeological and architectural components of central Petra. Since 1993 archaeologist from Brown University have been Excavating this temple precinct. These investigations are conducted under the auspices of the department of Antiquates of Jordan .

The great temple precinct which you see before the majors estimated 7.000m2( 76.000 sq. ft) and this comprised north south of Propylaea monumental entryway ( a lower temenos ) sacred area : twin exedra ( semi-circular structures ) flanked by broad stairways: and an upper temenos – the sacred enclosure for the temple itself.

In the lower temenos are triple colonnades on the east and west. Here, large limestone hexagonal pavers were positioned above an extensive water canalization system.

With its red-and-white-succeed exterior, the ` Great ` temple must have had a dramatic impact when set against its rose-red environment. The temple is tetrastyle in antis (four large frontal columns) with solid outer walls, typical of Nabataean architecture, as is seen on the Qasr El.BINT farther to the west. Approximately 15 meters ( 45 ft) in height, the columns plus the entablature they carried, would place the temple`s height at a minimum of 18 meters ( 57 ft). The ` great `Temple measures 28 meters ( 84 ft) east –west, and is 40 meters ( 120 ft). in Length.

The style and quality of the Temple`s elaborate floral friezes and acanthus-laden limestone capitals suggest that the sanctuary was constructed by the end of the first century BCE by the Nabataean , who combined their native traditions with the classical spirit. The ` Great ` Temple was in use until some point in the late Byzantine Period.

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